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Schedule out of control?

You were told if you scheduled your tasks on your calendar that you would be more productive. You tried it and now you are more overwhelmed then ever. I get it!

Time blocking, scheduling tasks on your calendar, takes time to manage. Other solutions have you:

  • Schedule your tasks with no thought to grouping like tasks together
  • Disregard your energy level
  • Schedule self-care last
  • Use paper and leave you with a mess if you have to alter your schedule

This leaves you with a plan, but you still can't execute because you haven't been thoughtful in allocating your time. The time mapping templates I have created help you to:

  • Consolidate like tasks into categories
  • Shuffle your schedule with out the hassle of starting from the begining
  • Understand where your time is going
  • Accurately estimate how long a task will take

Time blocking is a system that overhauls not only your business projects but your family's schedule as well. Your systems should work for every aspect of your life and not just one demension.

I have harnessed the power of Google Sheets and Trello to help you take control of your schedule.

Learn to group like tasks together, schedule according to your energy, and plan for self care.

Creating catagories for how you spend your time is the foundation of time blocking.

The time mapping templates I am providing you will allow you to:

  • categorize you time
  • Stick with one type of task at a time
  • Build your productivity muscle

If your new to time blocking, you have probably started with a paper planner and are trying to figure out how to readjust your schedule when you get off track. The solution is to go digital. This will allow you to drag and drop your tasks into the appropriate time slots.

I have devleoped two templates to help you group like tasks together and manage your tasks at the same time by harnessing the power of Trello and Google Sheets.

Get your templates and stop wasting time managing your schedule.

Take Control!

Two templates to rev up your productivity game.

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